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Arisatec Glass Manufacturing Co.

Glass Design Luxury Architecture

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Name: Vahid Shahroozi (Mr.)

Social media profiles:

•- Work page on Instagram: ArisaTec,

•- Personal page on Instagram: DocoViSh,

•- Personal page on LinkedIn: Vahid Shahroozi,

•- Work page of our designer on Instagram: zi.dezign,

Profession: PhD in Management Sciences (Leadership)

Date of birth: 1347/01/02 (1968/03/22)

Company: ArisaTec Glass Mfg Co. (PVJS)

Phone/mobile number: 09123506603

Work/Mailing address: #435.2, 117th Str., Eram Blvd., MehrShahr, Karaj, Iran

Record of communication: A meeting which was held in Villa Magazine office with Mr. A.Abbas Aboutalebi on 28th March 2022,

IP address: (under construction)


Work related links:

1- official agent of NSG-Pilkington supplier of technical glasses for Iran market.

2- official agent of DMDisplay supplier of switchable films for Iran market.

3- official agent of PCA supplier of glass accessories (hinges, profiles, connections, railing, door locks, …) for Iran market.

4- official agent of Ticon Conductivas supplier of silver paste for Iran market.


Definition of ArisaTec:

This company has been actively cooperating with architects for designing, producing and implementing glass for different applications in facade and/or interior of buildings. In this respect, we are capable to produce below items:

1.  back painted glasses in 1950 different colors in 3210*2250,

2. unlimited patterns of textured glasses in 2000*1100,

3. automatic glass painting (Vitray) in 2500*1700,

4. We do glass bending in 2500*1500,

5. We do glass laminating in 2500*1500,

6. We do installation of glass handrails, shower cabins, partitions, wall covering, doors, ceilings, and many decorative applications.


We also apply lights to our glass objects. And, as a new line of business, our design team design and produce decorative glass lights and/or installations for which we cooperate with Norsaform to combine technical lights to our glass artworks.


In general, ArisaTec is dedicated to produce special glasses in accordance to the requirements of those architect who are interested in applying different forms of glass in their designs.


We are proud to have cooperation with:

1- Mr. Mohammad Majidi in his Keyhan project which won Memar Award 1384,

2- Mr. Hooman Balazadeh in his  Valiahdi project (1393) publicized in Archdaily website, his Ozgol project which won Architizer Award 2019, his Kohan Ceram project which won RIBA 2021,

3- Mrs. Pantea Asgharzadeh in her Mika project which won ADesign Award 2019-2020,

4- Ms. Sanaz GhaemMaghami in her Cinnagen project which won 2nd rank in InteriorDesign Award 1399.


Instagram: @arisatec





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