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Website: https://www.eksjohus.se


Eksjöhus is one of Sweden's oldest house manufacturers. For over 75 years, we have designed, constructed, built and sold houses that have become home to thousands of people in both Sweden and abroad. Over the years, we have learned most about all parts of the housing manufacturing - from material selection to construction, transportation, and assembly. In our own sawmill, Eksjö Industri, the timber is refined to your new house. In our house factory, the houses are built and installed in an environment that is insensitive to the weather.

When the house's various parts are finished, they are carefully packed on our own trucks and delivered by our own drivers to your site. There, they are assembled by experienced contractors who all have long experience of building an Eksjöhus.

Manufacturing a house also places high demands on our skilled employees. Our salespeople, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs all work towards the same goal; to deliver your unique house with the highest possible quality. A quality that today is in the top among Swedish home manufacturers!

The heart of our business is of course in Eksjö. There are both house factory, sawmill and head office. But you will find our local offices in 22 locations all over Sweden - from Malmö in the south to Umeå in the north. This means that we are never far away when you need to get in touch with a home manufacturer in your area. Welcome to contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you with a house for your entire life.