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Kamran Afshar Naderi
architect, designer and artist

Co-founder of Memar Magazine and Memar award for architecture, is an Italian-Iranian architect, critic of architecture, designer and artist. He has published 210 articles and 3 books. His interviews and articles have been issued in Iran, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, France, United States, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania, Kuwait, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. He has chaired several competition jury sessions in Iran, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia Cyprus and carried numerous lectures as well as art workshops in several European and Asian countries.
His architectural projects have been reviewed by national and international media. In 2014 his pilot project for Mellat Bank, received the International Architecture Award from Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. In July 2019, his villa, called “A Toy For Living In”, appeared on “Designboom” His artistic career is focused on large-size sculptural panels for designated spaces. Every artwork is specifically conceived for its location and function.  For his creations, he mainly uses ordinary and reflective steel. However, he occasionally uses wood, cement, brass ceramics and paint. He draws inspiration from nature, mythology, ancient geometry and Renaissance perspective. His “Tree of Life” (h=9.30m, w= 3.50 m), installed at IFCM institute in Lyon, has been unveiled by Mr. Christopher Castaner, the former French Minister of Interior.
As designer, he has created several unique furniture pieces by order. However, his first limited edition set of furniture, “The Guardians”, has received the silver prize, in A’ Design Award and Competition. The work has been exhibited at Niavaran Cultural Center and the Guest house of the Italian Embassy.


About KAN ARTWORKS group

KAN ARTWORKS group, founded in 2015 by Italian-Iranian artist and architect Kamran Afshar Naderi, is a team of artists, craftsmen, carpenters, architects, engineers, and manufacturers. The group creates a variety of artworks, including freestanding sculptures, sculptural furniture, and wall sculptural panels. KAN uses a variety of materials for its projects, including reflective steel, wood, hand-painted ceramic tiles, brass, bronze, glass, cement, and paint. The group delivers and installs artwork anywhere in the world. All artwork is accompanied by a certificate of originality and a five-year guarantee. Our strategy is to conceive ad-hoc artworks to suit any designated  location. When we received a call for a new project, Kamran Afshar Naderi and his team visited the client and studied the location. They then develop a new concept design to fit the client's wishes and requirements. This process can take a few months. During this time, KAN conceives a new idea, makes drawings and samples, and plans the construction and installation methods. Kamran and his team then meet with the client to present the design proposal and price. Upon reaching an agreement on the design and terms, the group begins manufacturing, shipment, and installation.