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AtelierOslo is a young Norwegian architecture practice, established in 2006. They have already had success in several architectural competitions, including the recent 1st prize in the international competition for the new central library of Oslo, in collaboration with Lund Hagem and Agence Ter.

The partners of AtelierOslo are Jonas Norsted (b.1973), Marius Mowe (b.1973), Nils Ole Bae Brandtzaeg (b.1975), and Thomas Liu (b.1978) all graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture.



The development of each project focus on creating an architecture of high quality in which the basic elements of architecture such as structure, materiality, light and space are particularly emphasized and reinterpreted in order to solve current problems.



Atelier Oslo’s portfolio includes projects ranging from large scale projects to single-family houses and small installations.

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