Caramel architektInnen

Caramel architektInnen

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Caramel consists of the founding members Günter Katherl, Martin Haller and Ulrich Aspetsberger plus their employees, who have now grown to 20 in number. The first two people mentioned set up shop on their own back in 1998. However, it was only their partnership with Ulrich Aspetsberger as of 2001 that resulted in the successful chemical process that transformed them into Caramel, burnt sugar. They definitely do not wish to apportion any special significance to their choice of name, though in times of sensory overload it does sound better than stringing together three surnames. The three masterminds come across as likeable, open and completely unpretentious and their flat hierarchy immediately sounds completely credible. All three have moved to the big city by choice, either from the provinces to study or, in the case of Martin Haller, for work, and they stayed. Their building sites and projects stretch right across Austria north of the main chain of the Alps, from Dornbirn to Salzburg and Linz, then on to Vienna. All coincidence, they do not wish anybody to suggest that they favor their home region. Until very recently all three were under 45. In other words: young if we are talking about architects and not about top athletes.

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