Kamran Heirati

Kamran Heirati

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"Kamran Hairati" was born in 1976 in Tehran. He spent his childhood in a villa town due to his father's job as a pedologist. His relationship with the pristine environment around the living place, the trees, and the wheat fields he was in contact with as a child on the way from their villa to the city, is more evident than anything else in the Heirati's villa projects and has become a fixed diagram of his designs. Making has always been the main problem during his childhood.


His interest in the art of classical music and the Azerbaijani folklore music inherited from his mother became a complementary pair to his understandings of soil and nature to combine the art of architecture and construction and create outstanding works.


Each project as a passage and boundary removal in its architecture is repeated independently from other programs of the projects. The Heirati's architectural office challenges go beyond solving the problems of a project and depicting a world of that project, and this journey begins from the inside out through the recognition of personal capabilities; attention to the past, and looking to the future; That there is nothing on the outside and everything in the world is inside himself.



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