Kourosh  Rafiey

Kourosh Rafiey

Phone: +98( 21 )2229 15 22 , 2229 15 43

Email: info@krds.co , kourosh_r66@yahoo.com

Website: https://krds.co/


Kourosh Rafiey Born in 1966 in Hamedan and graduated from Shahid Beheshti University in 1994 with a degree in architecture. Since childhood, he was interested in painting and mathematics, and as a teenager, he accidentally became acquainted with architecture. The boredom of being in the field of architecture education led him to paint and work in professional environments in this field. However, this challenge did not cause him to close his eyes entirely to the world of architecture.     


He founded KRDS in 2006, motivated to design quality. Before that, he was the design director of Asar Consultant Engineers' Co. since 1997 and practice as an independent designer. He had many works constructed & currently under construction, some of which have received national and international recognition. Examples of his works are published either online or in international magazines such as AD. Having started his professional career in the field of architecture with large-scale projects from the very beginning, he considers it a wrong choice to advance experimental architectural practices. He believes that large public projects in Iran are often caught up in unsuccessful processes and remain immature, wasting the architect's time to develop his ideas. In recent years, he has been concerned with requiring the presence of empty spaces in his works, focusing on small villa projects that are not limited to functions.

The scope of work concerns the adjustment of all stages of design and technical expertise to oversee construction. KRDS believes in a design philosophy based on creativity, innovation, and sustainability.


"Achieving professions more than the real world assumptions" [1].


[1] Architecture does not take place in a vacuum and is accompanied by assumptions about the real world. However, the problem is that we end up saying more than those assumptions and not content ourselves with the mere representation of reality.



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