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Tanja Lie was born in 1970 in Oslo. She is educated at the School of Architecture in Oslo and UNL in London, has an intermediate subject in art history in modern architecture. After completing her diploma, she taught at the Department of Urbanism at the School of Architecture, and has later also been engaged as a teacher.

Kristoffer Øyen was born in 1970 and graduated from the School of Architecture in Oslo in 1998. Through his studies he has worked for, among others, Olav Christopher Jenssen in Berlin, and made smaller jobs for offices such as ØKAW Arkitekter, Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor, NAM and C.-V . Hølmebakk.

Tai Grung has been employed by Lie Øyen since January 2009 and partner since 2011. Tai has an architectural education from AHO and The Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen. She has been an hour teacher and guest critic at AHO, and herurbanistic background from here. As a former partner in FET * architecture (along with Franco Ghilardi and Ellen Hellsten), Tai has won several architectural

Firm Size:

Some of the office's interest lies precisely in this gap between urbanism and the mastery of the production of very small elements. We have versatile and long experience, from practical construction and from teaching and theory, and central approval in action class

We are among the Tourist Road Project's "young Norwegian designers", and now have tourist road projects that are designed and built on five road sections in Norway. In addition, we propose regulation plans, work on urbanism projects, draw residential areas, cabins, gardens and interiors for companies and private clients.

Our assignments have a lot of excitement: We draw housing in all price ranges and have built several cultural projects.. 

Favorite Project:
Hytta Nipe 

Selected Projects:
Hytta Nipe, Villa Stjerneveien 

Biggest Challenge:
bridging the gap between urbanism and the mastery of the production of very small elements.

Special Item in Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL studio space:

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