Risto Huttunen  Santeri Lipasti

Risto Huttunen Santeri Lipasti

Phone: +358 9 694 7724

Email: mail@h-l.fi

Website: https://h-l.fi/


The office was established in 1998 by partners Risto Huttunen and Santeri Lipasti. Today, the firm consists of 25 employees, and it has made a name for itself by winning many national and international architectural competitions. Their designs have also been awarded several architectural prizes. Both partners have a history of teaching at Aalto University and are enthusiastic about lifetime learning and developing the architecture to serve the needs of our rapidly changing world.

Huttunen-Lipasti Architects’ portfolio ranges from residential design to museums, sport arenas, studios, hybrid blocks, commercial buildings, hotels, medical centers etc. The approach to design is holistic, faithful to Aalto’s ideal of the architect mastering all scales from the doorknob to the whole city. This demands teamwork and an unwavering commitment to quality. Every design task is a unique journey to be traveled with an open mind.  


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