Shervin Hosseini

Shervin Hosseini

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Shervin Hosseini was born on 18 December 1978 in Kerman, Iran. He graduated from Tehran University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture in May 2003 And a Master's of Architecture and Urbanism in May 2005. It was during this period that he was always a fixture of charrette designs. At the same time as gaining experiences in the offices of "Yahya Fiuzi" and "Fluid Motion," he made his first self-employed career by designing a villa with Residential spaces on three separate elevations[1] for his father in Isfahan. A villa, according to him, where the lust for space and material experience deserves to be seen. It was a collection of experiences for his subsequent projects and a reminder of how the interior space of a project in the construction stage differs from the drawing stage.


He founded his first architectural office in collaboration with "Kamran Forouhar Sepehr" in Tehran. However, after a while, he separated his way from him by taking design orders from Isfahan, and he established another office called "Bracket" in this city. Bracket Design Studio is a full-service design firm founded in 2006 by Shervin Hosseini.


 He believes that if he ignores the large-scale projects he has designed and completed, Bracket's character is based on the experience of designing villas; Because he considers the villa as a strong commonality of architecture, nature, and man.





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