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Studio Ponsi

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The activity of Studio Ponsi, established in Florence in 2008 by Andrea and Luca Ponsi, aims to link the various design scales in a relationship of mutual correspondences:  urban design, architecture, interiors, furniture, and objects.

Interested in exploring the analogic relationships between form and sensations, nature and artifice, past and present, the projects are developed following a line of thought at the same time rigorous, fluid and open, that metaphorically is reflected in the dominant linearity of the compositions.

Just as any action on an architectural and town planning scale links the uniqueness of the project with the climate and the geographic and cultural conditions of every place, so the design of furniture and objects is the result of the integration of research and invention with the ever valid principles of proportion, balance, and harmony.

The intrinsic craftsmanship of this conception implies dedicating special attention to the perceptive, sensorial and material aspects of each project.

The theoretical basis of this approach is further developed by preparing publications and exhibitions dedicated to the cognitive aspects of creative thought, paying special attention to manual drawing as a tool for analysing and developing design ideas.

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