Editorial 01

No.1 , Summer 2017


Villa is a noble term which has always occupied human kind’s mentality with the highest qualities of space for architecture. If we take villa as a compound of physical architecture and the architecture of natural elements in order to create an earthly heaven, Iranian civilization is the heir to the most ancient villas to which the following Greek and Roman villas are indebted. Nowadays, urban, rural, temporary or permanent villas are different expression of modern man’s crave for nature and natural elements as a shelter; the elements that help them cope with the pressures of urban life style such as traffic, stress, pollution and accommodation. Villa architectural magazine is of the view that the existing regulations of housing and construction in urban areas have numerous faults. Moreover, the current equations and agreements for building in Iran have nothing to do with knowledge, expertise and artistic views of Iranian architects. On the one hand, building housing structures and providing the very basic physical needs of people, have benefited the builders and has made them reluctant to use the experiences of a professional architect. On the other hand, designing and building villas are less involved with these regulations and more about the surroundings, employer’s taste and designer’s knowledge. Considering the abundant climatic, industrial and scientific potentials in Iran, Villa will be a gathering of creative designers, tasteful employers and unique industrial experts.



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