Editorial 02

No.2 , Fall 2016


The very idea behind Villa as well as its function under the scope of western history of architecture is referred to the residential areas which were ordered by the rich and the wealthy and were built usually in the suburbs or the countryside. The style of their design dates back to the ancient Roman classical style which is itself indebted to cultural transfers of idea with its fellow neighboring civilizations such as Persian and Greek. Some words as “edifice”, “garden house”, “palace” , “mansion” or even “hut” could contribute a lot in this cultural interchange.
After the Industrial Revolution and simultaneously its social and technological advancements, there were noticeable transformations in the essence of Villa. These changes have led to an increase interest of the middle class – artists, farmers, craftsmen and … - to have chance in order to create their own villas. 
The tourism industry, the offspring of these changes, shed light on new styles of villas in complexes or even rented. Recently, in digital era of communication we can observe an increasing trend in designing and constructing villas in a variety of geographical regions. Perhaps, one of these villas can define the basics of our contemporary architecture for our next generations.



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