Editorial 03

No.3 , Winter 2017


The cofusion of modern man in solving personal and social crises complexifies the conditions due to living in metropolises and megacities. thus, the more he increases his endeavor, position and wealth, the farther he will be taken from health, tranquility and security.
Archiecture is not all different in this case. the more facilities and equipment there are in designing softwares, manufacturing material and constructing technology, the more architecture is falling behind in solving sustainable, economic and energy issues. 
in addition to this negligence, tehran is involved in a greater problem. increasing trend in urban construction which is due to the ignorance of supervising organisations on regulations and building codes and above all, lack of awareness about the critical role of architects have changed many young and genuine talents to mere operators. 
villas, probably, are a wider domain for architects in order to represent their architectural creativities. yet, the coma-fallen city of tehran is severely in need of architectural and urban theories, The theories like apartment villas, Garden villas, Cafe villas, Reastaurant villas, museum villas, office villas, are all fantasy ideas and theories which allow these closed boxes to breathe by creating open and semi-open spaces which will be focused on in the following issues.



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