Editorial 04

 No.4 , Spring 2017


Houses of the Iranian , not so long ago, used to contain a variety of aspects so much that the word ‘house’ in persian language is a part of the word ‘family’ .

Yard also used to play a crucial role in Iranian houses which not only was a link between the outdoor and the indoor, but also symbolized the infinite sky within its borders.

Nowadays, however, the meaning of house is downsized just as to provide basic physical needs of its owner and the meaning of accomodation has been shifted from a source of tranquility for body and spirit into a cage in order to live and continue our daily routines.

 This transformation was in part due to industrial revolution and the effect of oil barrels in this recent half a century. Yet, with the speedy information era, we hope to seek a proper use in this issue.

To date, there are some social classes who seek their tranquility in a second housing in the suburb, not to have the mere sense of fun or relaxation but to come back to their rural inherited settings and have , fortunately, obliged themselves to maintain this rural background as well as they can.



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