Editorial 05

No.5 , Summer 2017



‘Villa’ is a Latin loanword that has been adopted into Farsi, and is accounted as a borrowing term. This term is generally used to describe any type of detached house that features a yard space, and doesn’t resemble any particular architectural style or size.
The features that distinct an ‘Iranian villa’ from other buildings are their yard space, being an independent and a fully detached property. Generally, these would be more luxurious and spacious houses than the more common row or townhouses. The yard space would also typically feature some qualities and characteristics of Persian gardens. Generally, these are the properties located in suburb and countryside of major cities, where there is more wealth and hence more luxurious houses.
Today the term ‘villa’ is also applied to individual and vacation rental properties. Like many other countries, in Iran, ‘Villa’ is used for high spatial quality houses in mild destinations, of which the northern coastal resort areas are considered as best location for such luxury Villas.
The growing number of ‘villa colonies and towns’ and suburbanization of semi-urban areas in Tehran’s countryside, have introduced important challenges into alterations of the existing regulations and the influential factors of urbanisation. Moreover, the Villas located in these regions, due to their small distance from Tehran, consist of both ‘permanent Villas’ and ‘temporary villas’, which have indeed raised new questions and uncertainties on the definition of ‘essence of Villa’ and the link ‘between Villa and city’.



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