editorial 08

Villas. Literary productions of architecture; Villa is a medium of architect’s manifesto that represents ethical and aesthetic environment with natural origins, function and form.

Villa had been the architecture type most closely associated with literary production in Villas, architects will be making a public declaration that will promote their own perspective of their experiences of architecture.

Throughout the history, Villas have playeda very tangible role of theory and writing architecture.

Writing a manifesto by a Villa has been a popular architect’s opportunity to connect theory and practice from classic to future architecture. No doubt that Villas are foremost an attempt for architects to write their points

and to become known. Villas are also a wise way to persuade other architects to a critical thinking and new philosophies. They are probably the most capable type of architecture to write the architect’s

experiences and reflections by 4 main points;

1- Strong connection to/with nature

2- Optimum scale in material/budget

3- Direct relation to client

4- Minimum-interference design regulations


AmirAbbas Aboutalebi



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