Editorial 09


No.9, Summer 2018








Architecture is a potent tool to improve lives, also setting new standards for educational excellence provide a source of inspiration, motivation, and understanding. This special issue is about a workshop of “Contemporary Architecture of Iran” following approaches to health, culture, economy, and energy. Lessons and methods of “local wisdom” of Iranian Architecture about “Community architecture”, “Health Architecture”, “Architecture of water”, “Person-centered architecture” and “Aesthetic”, are keys entering the lab to develop the above approaches. These pilot projects and prototypes of Iranian models are willing to persuade authorities to break available rules and regulations of educational buildings and schools in Iran. They are bringing messages for building schools in rural areas of Iran. Despite Iranian rich architectural background, the country currently has no architectural union to support such approaches. Therefore, we in Villa Magazine, are seeking for any power to direct support in order to respect local origins and values.



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