Editorial 14

Villas as Multidisciplinary Environmental Discourse:
Escape from City Life

Amir Abbas Aboutalebi


In an era characterized by rapid urbanization and the growing need for sustainable living, the concept of villas has garnered significant attention. The villa-typology and villa-ideology present a unique opportunity to explore the multidisciplinary aspects of environmental discourse on villa-life and villa-culture. This discourse sheds light on the modern conflict between the human desire/need to escape city life on the one hand, and the environmental hazards posed by villas in the Islamic revolution period in Iran on the other hand.
In this issue, we delve into a theoretical research program titled “Villa Farm.” This program is based on interdisciplinary discourses and interviews with professionals and academicians from various fields such as architects, landscape architects, urban planners, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and media/communication experts. Within this research program, you will find three prototypes created by “AA Practice and Design Atelier,” “Kalbod Design,” and “Renzo Piano Architecture Workshop.” These prototypes offer innovative approaches that aim to create self-sufficient villas. By integrating organic methods and renewable energy sources, these villas minimize their ecological footprint while maximizing their potential for environmental interactions and dialogue with nature.

Issue No.14 Editor in chief 
Amir Abbas Aboutalebi