The beginning

No.1 Summer 2016

Villa is a "Media". Throughout history villa and its architecture (construction) have demonstrated human thoughts, skills, ideas and his knowledge of the word. Hereupon Villa is mentioned as a worthwhile identity or as a messenger art for architecture. The modern man of one hundred years ago had images and ideas for his future life, and with helping of invention, innovations and advanced technological tools quickly reached to his imaginary ideals. Today we live in that subjective ideal cities. Large cities with main dynamic features such as cars and various equipment for life, are ideals and imaginations. But on the other hand, Metropolitan problems also quickly involve all citizens. Compression, crowded, congestion, lack of natural elements and various environmental pollution, have created undesirable living conditions. Meanwhile architecture didn't have any sign of the nature. Ideals have been changed today. Human have been collecting natural elements of nature such as water, plants, trees, shelter, by his nature, essence and needs from thousands of years ago. This strategy constitutes a modest environment for his life. By the time he started to select. Selection strategy of the natural elements and place them near human made elements, created a new skeleton for life. Gardens and yards were the embodiment of nature in human life. In primary cities gardens and yards models near house returned to "Villa". Vill's in Greece and ancient Rome, which was rooted in the classical build a garden of these civilizations - of course, it should be explained that how the Greek classical building was inspired by the Iranian gardening (build a garden) during the Achaemenid period and after Alexander's attack on Iran, this kind of building was widespread in Greece – there were interesting ideas for the relationship between man and nature in the presence of architecture. Even the emergence of a roof garden dates back to ancient Rome. In any case, the "villa" was an interesting experience that continued even after the emergence of modern cities. from building villas in Rome to modern villas which are made by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Wright, Louis Kahn, even Virtual house desighned by Farshid Moussavi and Shigeru ban, Peter Zumthor's country houses, etc, In fact "Villas" manifest human's life in each period. 





Beyond the ideas of designers and architects, local villas, such as a strong media, are demonstrated human's ideas and imaginations. Even today living in a villa is like a wish that many citizens prefer to replace apartments with villas. Today for people who live in the metropolises of Beijing, Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Tehran and Kuala Lumpur, possibility of living in a villa with its fantastic nature is like a dream which isn't reachable except for capitalists and the rich. Main point is Villa while maintaining originality of "collection" and "selection", villa and architecture throughout the history have been adapted to human new conditions, which shows Chronological point of view to villa building. Remember in every period human's ideals are shown in "villas".  

Translated by: Elnaz Tabibzadeh