The beginning

 No.2 Fall 2017 

 Designing and constructing a villa, throughout history, has relied on the “esthetic experience” of the architect. Le Corbusier was an artist architect who created artistic works as well as improving the architecture of the world based on his genius and his personal esthetic experiments. VILLA Savoye is not only a villa and an architectural work of art, but also it is a manifesto for modern architecture based on the esthetic experience of the artist-architect. When Le Corbusier designed “Marseille Unite Habitation”, he entered a wider realm which required the creation of “environmental esthetic”. This time, also, the architecture of this habitation was a manifesto; however, the “esthetic experience” could not be sufficient for all different aspects of the project and the inspiration which this habitation created, led to the appearance of a new style of architecture called “the international style”. Consequently, some projects like Pruitt-Igoe which was built and received the prize of American institute of Architects (AIA), was destroyed only after sixteen years by dynamites because their environment was full of behavioral and social coarseness and abnormalities. This is the very point which Charles Jencks labeled as “the death of modern architecture” and we can name it as “the birth of attention to environmental esthetics”.