Villa Annar

The Villa Annar, a canvas of art,
With propagating fruits as its heart,
Its plan, a stunning cut of asymmetry,
Giving birth to natural bodies, oh so free.

Volumes and masses, sculpted with care,
A breathtaking sight, so pure and rare,
A tapestry of nature, woven with grace,
Creating an organic wonder, in this special place.

Each element in harmony, a perfect blend,
A villa like no other, so seamless, it transcends,
The ordinary and mundane, to something divine,
A testament to the beauty of architectural design.


The Villa Annar embodies the essence of Wallace Stevens' poem, which extols the virtues of quietness and listening. As a testament to our transdisciplinary approach, we worked closely with the property owner and his family, material experts, structural engineers, survey engineers, environmental designers, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, color planners, and other specialists to create a design that speaks to the soul. We listened intently to their needs and aspirations, allowing their voices to guide us in crafting a space that is both serene and functional. From the pomegranate-inspired cut of the plan to the harmonious interplay of natural light and shadow, every aspect of the Villa Annar was carefully considered to evoke a sense of tranquility and calm. By honoring the spirit of the site and the people who inhabit it, we were able to create a work of art that is a living embodiment of the power of collaboration and the beauty of stillness.


 Villa Annar

The design of Villa Annar is a manifestation and embodiment to the power of collaboration and togetherness (Designer + Property owner relationship). With site visits and engaging workshops, the design process was a true dialogue between the architects and the property owners. Each member of the family, from the patriarch to the youngest child, was invited to share their perspective and aspirations. The result is a stunning architectural masterpiece that reflects not only the natural beauty of the site, but also the shared vision and dreams of the entire family. Every detail has been carefully considered and every element thoughtfully crafted to ensure a harmonious and elegant synthesis of nature and architecture. This is more than just a building - it is a celebration of the human spirit and the creative potential of collective effort.
The Villa Annar, is organic outcome of the site. The property owner's father and forefathers, all have had Annar farm. This property has Annar trees, too. The Villa Annar emerges as a living organism, intrinsically connected to its surroundings, an organic outgrowth of the land it inhabits. As if taking cues from the ancient trees of the Annar farm, the design is rooted in the essence of the earth, unfolding in a symphony of materiality and form. The ancestral echoes of the property owner's forefathers resonate through the land, finding expression in the natural textures, rhythms, and colors of the Villa's architecture. The Annar trees stand as guardians, watching over the Villa as if it were their kin, and the architecture seems to mimic the patterns of their growth, branching out in a complex web of space and structure. The pomegranate fruit, with its intricate arrangement of juicy arils within its protective skin, has inspired the architectural design of Villa Annar. The villa's plan, meticulously cut like the fruit, unfolds into a mesmerizing composition of natural forms, which blend seamlessly with the site's topography. The resulting array of bodies, volumes, and masses, evokes a sense of wonder and delight, while also serving a functional purpose. This unique and innovative approach to architecture creates a harmonious dialogue between the built environment and nature, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in a holistic and immersive experience. The Villa Annar is presenting a vision of organic exuberance and human delight, which ecology and ecological design promise to open up for us. The Villa Annar's design is important to Iranian architecture folk, whom struggle to design rational, wholesome, and domestic productive landscapes. The Villa Annar phenomenologically is an enduring contribution to the technical literature of Villa-City landscape design. The Villa Annar's design offers a practical blueprint for a new, healthier relationship between the built environment and nature. In so doing, it provides nothing less than the scientific, technical, and philosophical foundations for a mature civilisation that will, as Lewis Mumford ecstatically put it in his Introduction to the 1969 edition, "replace the polluted, bulldozed, machine-dominated, dehumanized, explosion-threatened world that is even now disintegrating and disappearing before our eyes.“ The villa's pool is a multifunctional feature that serves several purposes. Not only does it function as a swimming pool for recreation and exercise, but it also acts as a source of cooling for the microclimate of the surrounding area. In addition, it creates a gentle breeze that helps to naturally cool the space, creating a comfortable and refreshing environment for all who inhabit the villa. This organic approach to design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the villa, and the natural beauty of the site but also create a sense of tranquility and calm for the well-being and comfort of its residents.
Overall, this villa is a testament to the power of organic and phenomenological design. It is a home that engages all the senses, creating an immersive experience that is truly unforgettable.

Text & ِDiagram : Living Architecture Studio