Villa-Critic; Hamidreza Naser Nasir

Villa as interdisciplinary environmental discourse; 
Exploring the Revolutionary Ideas and Challenges of Villa Design In the latest issue of Villa magazine

Discussion Panel:
Kamran AfsharNaderi, Mohammadreza Haeri Mazandarani, Morvarid Ghassemi, Hamidreza Naser Nasir

A group of esteemed experts shared their insights on the radical and critical debates surrounding villa design. These discussions aimed to challenge conventional notions and explore futuristic intellectual theories in the field of architecture. Hamidreza Naser Nasir, one of the contributors, raised thought-provoking questions that challenged the central idea of this issue. He described the debates as revolutionary, emphasizing their ability to push boundaries and redefine traditional concepts. Kamran Afshar Naderi delved into the historical context of villas after the Middle Ages in the West. He viewed this phenomenon as an ideal platform for architects to experiment with contemporary challenges in villa design within an intellectual framework. His contribution aimed to uncover innovative approaches to villa architecture in Iran. Marwarid Ghasemi addressed the complex nature of discussing villas and building regulations on agricultural lands. Ghasemi advocated for an experimental approach, suggesting that this category should be examined on a national or even transnational scale. Furthermore, Ghasemi acknowledged that eco-compatible solutions presented in this issue are not only beneficial but also essential for villa design. Mohammad Reza Haeri highlighted the significance of the "Farm Villa" concept discussed in this issue. He praised it as a creative perspective that uncovers hidden talents within land resources. Haeri also pointed out flaws in horizontal reforms and inheritance laws regarding agricultural land fragmentation. Additionally, he explored how the concept of the villa has transformed in Iran, acknowledging its current negative connotations. Overall, these experts commended Villa magazine for its high-quality content and visual presentation. The discussions presented within this issue challenged traditional notions while offering innovative solutions for contemporary villa design.

photo: Roozbeh Fooladi

Photo: Rouzbeh Fouladi