Villa Fashion

Villa a lifestyle manifesto/social media
No.05 Summer 2017

As the passage of time, the Villa's architectural flux turned into the messenger and ambassador of architectural thought. Architectural style can be considered by looking at the role of the Villa Savoye and the media in shaping the style of architecture and lifestyle changes in the community. Villa Savoye is the genius of the architectural world of Charles Edward Jr. (Le Corbusier), a manifesto and a symbol for the expression of a style. In the context of Le Corbusier architecture, the home is described as a car for life, just like a car is for moving. Villa Savoye became a mold for expressing five points in modern buildings, which created a model for a community towards the future. In this regard, the Villas were turned into a platform to express their social status and lifestyle more than a building, and they showed great influence in different societies. As a response to society's needs, it became a medium to showcase fashion and lifestyle. It can be said that the high power of fashion in society and its impact can act so that a building even in a remote area creates the appearance of a person, a person's lifestyle, a way of constructing a different from the past, and with the future trends of society to be formed. The villa is a fashion industry that examines the impact of architecture and fashion in society and its consequences. In this process, we explore the factors that make it possible to highlight different issues. In other words, we can say that architecture is without borders, and the chapter in the joint response of nations to their most basic needs is housing, which goes beyond the body and form, and deals with behavioral factors in the norm and the anomalies.

By: Mohammad Ghaffari