Villa Magazine Interview


This is an interview with Selim Erdil by AmirAbbas Aboutalebi about villa typology, has been published in Villa Magazine, No.8

Villa Do you consider villas as an independent typology in architecture?

Erdil Yes. We as a company, view villas as luxury homes in special settings.

Villa Do you agree with this statement? “Designing villas is a more appropriate topic for practicing and experiencing the intellectual approach of leading architects and architectural offices.”

Erdil Yes. I think villas should be a special category. They are showcases for the architect’s vision, abilities, design philosophy and lifestyle perspectives.

Villa Why sometimes architects call their villa project, a house?

Villa In your opinion, what is the most distinct difference between a house and a villa?

Erdil In the USA, most people don’t use the term “villa”. Most use “luxury house” or “designer home”, etc. I think it’s more a matter of local terminology. In Turkey, for example, villa is used for most single dwelling units of all sizes, and of any kind.

Villa Which category does your project belong to? Urban/rural villa, Permanent villa (residence)/ Temporary villa (leisure)

Erdil Our project belongs to both permanent and temporary villa categories since it can be used as both. The choice is up to the owner in this case. We designed the house for both purposes.


Villa If Villa Magazine was to throw a worldwide competition for villas, which kind of categorizing do you prefer?

A: Villas below 100 m², 100-250 m², 250-500 m², 500-1000 m² and more

B: Mountain villas, Forest villas, Beach villas, Desert villas, …

Erdil “A” would be more relevant, as comparing vastly different sized villas could be difficult.

Villa What suggestions and criticisms do you have about our work?

Erdil None so far.


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