Villa Magazine Interview


This is an interview with Johan Sundberg by AmirAbbas Aboutalebi, about villa typology, has been published in Villa Magazine, No.8

Villa Do you consider villas as an independent typology in architecture?

Sundberg Interesting question. The word Villa has such a broad meaning that has limited use as a single typology. I would rather split it into a few subcategories like a summer house, lodge, permanent house, perhaps super-villa for those very large open villas that have an unclear inhabitance since most ultra-rich people move between many different dwellings.

Villa Do you agree with this statement? "Designing villas is a more appropriate topic for practicing

and experiencing the intellectual approach of leading architects and architectural offices."

Sundberg I'm not sure I understand the sentence. I'm not sure I even believe in a truly intellectual approach when designing any architectural project. What after some serious intellectual considerations FEELS right is usually the best architectural solution Or perhaps you mean it like this: yeah sure the villa work of an office is a good sample of the architectural approach of that office. Although; I think in larger offices often Villa projects are delegated to junior architects in the office, while the founders may be stuck in boring big-money questions in other parts of the office... This is not yet the case in my practice.

Villa Why sometimes architects call their villa project, a house?

Sundberg This is just semantics. 

Villa In your opinion, what is the most distinct difference between a house and a villa?

Sundberg There is no distinct difference.

Villa Which category does your project, villa j, belong to? Urban/rural villa, Permanent villa?

Sundberg villa (residence)/ Temporary villa (leisure)

Villa If Villa Magazine was to throw a worldwide competition for villas, which kind of categorizing do you prefer?

A: Villas below 100 m², 100-250 m², 250-500 m², 500-1000 m² and more

B: Mountain villas, Forest villas, Beach villas, Desert villas, ...

Sundberg Definitely B, see the answer to question 1.

Villa What suggestions and criticisms do you have about our work?

Sundberg I'm sorry but I'm not that familiar with your work. But I would like to know more!


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