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This is an interview with Inventarchiects by AmirAbbas Aboutalebi, about villa typology, has been published in Villa Magazine, No.8

Villa Do you consider villas as an independent typology in architecture?

Invent Yes, we believe Villa has developed into an independent typology as the design requirements along with characteristics make it special. It is by itself challenging and I think today there are many architects who specialize in Villa design as a typology and their clientele is dependent on it.

Villa Do you agree with this statement?

“Designing villas is a more appropriate topic for practicing and experiencing the intellectual approach of leading architects and architectural offices.”

Invent Definitely. There are more permanent Villas than before and they have become actual residences for many clients in our region. It offers a lot of opportunities for Architects. We at inventarchitects have designed many Villas but each time, it offers a unique challenge and each time we come up with new ideas. Apart from changing trends and technology, our special essence and inputs for each design stimulate and provokes our mind.

Villa Why sometimes architects call their Villa project, a house?

Invent Villa has undergone a transformation over time and the definition has kept changing. From being a temporary posh residence for a weekend or holiday retreat, it has adapted to even relatively affordable people who can have it as a permanent residence. Moreover, depending on context and cost of land, including the locality, the notion of a villa with respect to its size and features has changed. A residence by itself when it is done for a high-end client in a posh location, based on size which is lavish by nature from inside and outside along with the surroundings is a Villa in our context.

Villa In your opinion, what is the most distinct difference between a house and a villa?

Invent A Villa, the way we conceive it is a posh residence, based on its context where the spaces, technology, and nature of requirements with size reach the next level of houses and sets it apart.

Villa Which category does your project villa in Chennai belong to? Urban/rural villa, Permanent villa (residence)/  Temporary villa (leisure)

Invent Our Project is an Urban, permanent Villa.

Villa If Villa Magazine was to throw a worldwide award for villas, which kind of categorizing do you prefer?

A: Villas below 100 m², 100-250 m², 250-500 m², 500-1000 m² and more

B: Mountain villas, Forest villas, Beach villas, Desert villas.

Invent Around 500 SQ.m and above is what we prefer as size. Both challenging and posh locations have different villas and each of them has their specificities and uniqueness, Hence, all the regions can be included for Villas.

Villa What suggestions and criticisms do you have about our work?

Invent We really believe Villa Magazine as a developing magazine which will reach more readers and spread across the globe in a short time. Villa magazine focuses on quality in terms of both the choice of project and presentation. Though we realize that such work takes time, in-between updates over the status of work to those who apply could be helpful.



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A Villa, A POSH Residence!