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 The “White House” of Iran- Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi
No.05 Summer 2017


The “Pascal palace”, also known as the "Palace of Versailles of Iran" or the "Stone Palace", originally belonged to Habibullah Constant (known as Pascal's constant), an Iranian capitalist nominee before the revolution, which after the revolution Confiscated. This building is located in Tehran's largest building on the northern end of Jordan Street.

This house belongs to architecture of Pahlavi age, with an area of over 11,543 square meters. This pre-revolution house, the most expensive and largest house in Tehran It was estimated at $ 15 million at that time. Before the revolution, this magnificent mansion was called "stone palace".
This mansion has a large pool and a water stream that goes like a traditional Iranian architecture from below the house. A small open-air theater is considered part of the garden. The basement is about two thousand square meters in two main floors and a basement floor.

It is said that the house was built from the eighteenth century residence of Madame de Barri, and later by Marie Antoinette, the Palace of Pattivario (Little Trojan) in the Versailles palace, designed by Angela Jacques Gabrielle. But in reality, the similarities between the two are very general, like the two other neoclassical structures, there is a significant number of famous imitation of the trivio in America, Brazil, and Romania, which is much more similar. But the main facade of the mansion has an unmistakable similarity to the “White House facade”, one of the most famous neoclassical buildings.